I always capture and cut out the figures of people from the images I encount in my daily life and re-compose to depict them.
Every one of us is a part of crowd. We exist as “individualities” though, while spending in the crowd, we gradually lose one’s significant elements such as voices, expressions, smells or some habits, and after all each one becomes a flat and non-signified “human”. I focus on the people who come and go between one’s “individual” and the flat meaningless “something” and depict them.
Whichever I work on depicting, I search and collect the casts for my work without any hesitation from the pictures or illustration drifting on the internet. I feel that the casts collected in random would effectively features the reproduced situation to add the artwork the irrelevancy and the diversity when I edited them on the canvas. And then it would lead the scene to an instant meaningless that make us see the moment when people vary into a flat and meaningless. I am interested in “person” as such an ambiguous existence, I am focusing on depicting them.